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Contents: REALITY AND ROMANCE: AN OVERVIEW: The perils of space travel recalled / by astronaut-politician Bill Nelson -- The dreamers always come first / by Ben Bova -- THE SPACE PROGRAM AND FLORIDA’S SPACE COAST: Memoirs of a child of the space program / by Andrea Brunais -- A special place, always / by Gordon Patterson -- Between heaven and earth: the Challenger’s impact lingers / by James E. Huchingson -- The space program at 40 shows vibrant new focus / by John M. Logsdon -- SPACE IN CULTURE AND THE ARTS: From outer space to cyberspace / by Thomas Nickles -- Diverging trajectories - the cosmic and the merely fantastic / by Kurt Loft -- A gallery of space paintings -- A sampling of writings on space and the Space Coast / by Tom Wolfe, Norman Mailer, Al Neuharth and Freeman Dyson -- The Last Word: Engineers and humanists can learn from each other / by Rosalind Williams.

Forum : Vol. 20, No. 02 (Winter : 1997/1998)



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