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Contents: Humanities Alive: News of the Florida Humanities Council -- Writing with light -- General fiction: Gold: John Dufresne, Requiem mass -- Silver: Tony D'Souza, The Kankans -- Bronze: Kristy Kiernan, Matters of faith (excerpt) -- Debra Dean, Confessions of a falling woman -- Florida nonfiction: Gold: Shawn C. Bean, The first Hollywood (excerpt) -- Silver: John A. Stuart & john F. Stack, Jr., The new deal in south Florida -- Bronze: Gregg M. Turner, A journey into Florida railroad history -- Rodney L. Hurst, Sr., It was never about a hot dog and a Coke! (excerpt) -- Jeff Klinkenberg, Pilgrim in the land of alligators (excerpt) -- Spanish language: Gold: Antonio Orlando Rodriguez, Chiquita -- Silver: Jose Alvarez, Principio y fin del mito fidelista -- Genre fiction: Gold: Deborah & Joel Shlian, Rabbit in the moon -- Silver: Lisa Unger, Black out (excerpt) -- Bronze: James Swain, The night stalker (excerpt) -- Patrick Lendrick, Papa's problem (excerpt) -- Martha Powers, Conspiracy of silence -- Poetry: Gold: David Kirby, The temple gate called beautiful -- Silver: Campbell McGrath, Seven notebooks (excerpt) -- Bronze: Helen Pruitt Wallace, Skimming the glass house (excerpt) -- Frank Giampietro, Begin anywhere -- Terri Witek, The shipwreck dress -- Young adult literature: Gold: John Tkac, Whispers from the bay -- Silver: Anne E. Ake, Everglades: an ecosystem facing choices and challenges -- Bronze: Julie Gonzalez, Imaginary enemy -- Reading Florida: browsing new books about our state / by Jon Wilson -- Children's literature: Gold: Susan L. Womble, Newt's World: beginnings -- Silver: Donna Gephart, as if being 12 3/4 isn't bad enough, my mother is running for President -- Bronze: Loreen Leedy, Missing math: a number mystery -- Book design: Gold: Emmett H.L. Snellings, Jr. Seminole views.

Forum : Vol. 33, No. 02 (Summer : 2009)



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