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Contents: Humanities Alive! OVERVIEW: Florida’s religious demographics break with the rest of the South and look like America’s / By Lesley A. Northup -- VARIETIES OF RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE: The Faces of Faith: Floridians of many religions talk about their beliefs, how they came to them and how they practice them -- RELIGION AND COMMUNITY: A Short History of Religion in Florida: We started in 1565 and have charted a unique course in the years since / By Samuel S. Hill -- Adapting Asian Values to the New World: There’s a tension between traditional practice and the pragmatic needs of immigrants / By Nathan Katz -- FLORIDA’S SACRED PLACES: From the St. Augustine Basilica to what some see as an image of the Virgin Mary in an office window: a guide to the state’s holy places -- RELIGION AND MEDIA: Religion has received steadily increasing attention from newspapers and television. A well-rounded understanding is still elusive / By James D. Davis -- RELIGION AND POLITICS: How the Christian Right Waxed and Waned: This dominant political movement may be ready to turn much of its attention elsewhere. / By Adam L Silverman -- A New Model of Voting Behavior: Individual matches of faith to politics are replacing traditional blocs / By Alan Wolfe – Book briefs: Native American reflections and a new anthology of Florida fiction -- The Last Word: Doubt that religion has a complex place in public life? Look at the events of the year 2000 / By Rick Edmonds.

Forum : Vol. 23, No. 02 (Fall : 2000)



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