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Uday Murthy, Ph.D.

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Thomas Stablein, Ph.D.

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Mark Taylor, Ph.D.

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Andrew Artis, Ph.D.


Accounting Information Systems, Management Accounting, RPA, AIS


Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) is a recently emergent technology that has exploded in popularity as firms seek to capitalize upon the marketing promise of cost reduction and improved efficiency. Yet, with this expansion of RPA, very little is known about the firms’ initial drivers, perceptions during implementation, and how outcomes align with initial expectations. RPA could displace and dramatically change the workforce, but it is unclear how employees will respond to the continuing spread of RPA. This study seeks to fill that important gap in the scholarly literature with an exploratory mixed-methods study. The first chapter is an extensive literature review of the emergence of RPA. The second chapter, a multi-case study approach, helps to better understand the perceptions of technical accounting staff, leadership, and information technology personnel who have directly experienced RPA implementation in their organization. The third chapter is a survey of professional management accountants to seek perceptions of how the continuing expansion of RPA will impact their career and workplace.

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