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Global Health

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Anthony Griffiths

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Holly Hughes


evolution, Flavivirus, phylogeny, sequencing, West Nile virus


The study of the evolution and phylogeny of West Nile virus (WNV) has been an important area of research since the introduction of WNV in 1999. However, genome sequencing of isolates from the Southeastern part of the United States has been somewhat limited. To determine how WNV has evolved at a more localized level, ten isolates from Florida and Georgia from 2003-2012 were completely sequenced using Illumina's next-generation technology. In addition, a phylogenetic comparison of both the complete genome and select partial genomes was completed to ensure consistency among the results. This study further demonstrated the dominance of the North American WN02 genotype within the Southeastern United States. In addition, phylogenetic analyses revealed the continued presence of genetic variance in 2012 with the finding of a new group within the North American clade. In conclusion, WNV has continued to evolve within the Southeastern US.

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