Submissions from 2020


ACA Medicaid Expansion Associated With Increased Medicaid Participation and Improved Health Among Near-Elderly: Evidence From the Health and Retirement Study, Melissa McInerney, Ruth Winecoff, Padmaja Ayyagari, Kosali Simon, and M. Kate Bundorf

Submissions from 2018


Choice Defines Value: A Predictive Modeling Competition in Health Preference Research, Michal Jakubczyk, Benjamin M. Craig, Mathias Barra, Catharina G. M. Groothuis-Oudshoorn, John D. Hartman, Elisabeth Huynh, Juan M. Ramos-Goñi, Elly A. Stolk, and Kim Rand

Submissions from 2017


The economic impact of rezoning to increase tourism., Rebecca Lee Harris and Suzanne Dieringer

Submissions from 2016

Real effects of money in the dynamic Shapiro-Stiglitz model., Thomas J. Carter

Tax-based incomes policies in efficiency wage models., Thomas J. Carter


The low cost of quality improvements in the electricity distribution sector of Brazil., Maria Luisa Corton, Aneliese Zimmerman, and Michelle Andrea Phillips

Submissions from 2015

Labor market dynamics: Wages, unemployment, and shirking., Thomas J. Carter


On teaching genocide to business students., Rebecca Lee Harris and Maling Ebrahimpour

Submissions from 2013

The economics of on-the-job training: A century of debate., Thomas J. Carter


The economic impact of the arts and culture sector in the City of St. Petersburg, Florida., Maria Luisa Corton and Maling Ebrahimpour


Differences in quality of care among non-safety-net, safety-net, and children's hospitals., Linda Dynan, Anthony Goudie, Richard B. Smith, Gerry Fairbrother, and Lisa Simpson

Submissions from 2012


Medicaid, hospital financial stress, and the incidence of adverse medical events for children., Richard B. Smith, Linda Dynan, Gerry Fairbrother, Glen Chabi, and Lisa Simpson

Submissions from 2010

Minimum wage laws: The role of worker efficiency., Thomas J. Carter


Economic Impact of Arts and Culture in St. Petersburg, Maling Ebrahimpour, John Collins, and Maria Luisa Corton

Submissions from 2009


Benchmarking Central American water utilities., Maria Luisa Corton and Sanford V. Berg

Submissions from 2008

Benchmarking water utilities in Central America., Sanford V. Berg and Maria Luisa Corton

Water utility benchmarking for managerial and policy decisions: Lessons from developing countries., Sanford V. Berg and Maria Luisa Corton

ADERASA’s role in regulatory collaboration in the Americas., Maria Luisa Corton and Alejo Molinari

Submissions from 2007


Medicaid Markets and Pediatric Patient Safety in Hospitals, Richard B. Smith, Robyn Cheung, Pamela Owens, Mark R. Wilson, and Lisa Simpson

Submissions from 2006


The impact of government decentralization on county health spending for the uninsured in California., Richard Scheffler and Richard B. Smith

Submissions from 2003


Benchmarking in the Latin American water sector: The case of Peru., Maria Luisa Corton

Submissions from 2000

Infrastructure management: Applications to Latin America., Sanford V. Berg and Maria Luisa Corton


Agricultural policy reform in Mexico: A computable general equilibrium analysis, Rebecca Lee Harris

Submissions from 1997


Just, unjust, and just-cause dismissals., Thomas J. Carter and Paul R. De Lancey

Submissions from 1996


Human capital, employment and bargaining., Thomas J. Carter


Central bank cooperation in foreign exchange markets: An empirical test., Thomas J. Carter and Paul R. De Lancey

Submissions from 1995


Efficiency wages: Employment versus welfare., Thomas J. Carter


Minimum wage laws that reduce labor costs., Thomas J. Carter

Submissions from 1987

Monopolistic competition and international trade in a three factor economy., Thomas J. Carter