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A letter from Henry Dobson to his mother about conditions on the ship and the sight of a quadruple rainbow.


Spanish-American War (1898), Military life


6 page letter

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Tampa (Fla.)

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Henry A. Dobson Papers


Tampa, Fla.
June 23, 1898,
"After Taps."
Dear Mamma:
I am not as sleepy tonight as usual, so will try to write a short letter. I am lying on my blanket, (a hard position to write from), it is 11 P.M. "Taps", ware [sic] our hour + 1/2 ago. It is 12 at [?] and you are all probably asleep.
I am better. We changed cooks yesterday, and the result is apparent, good food including bacon. He, Yeatman, cooks bacon so that it is fine. My stomach seems well. Night before last I was carried to the Hospital with the strangest illness I have had.
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a sick - headache and a weakness that was awful. But they got my stomach cleaned out, (I vomited scraps of bacon that I knew I ate at Camp Alger, and lots of grease etc.) Now I feel better, internally, than at any time since leaving home. I've got some cuts on my feet, of course. But they don't count - nothing to speak of. This is a terrible place for whiskers. Today I shaved off a weeks growth; the hair was as long as ------ every bit. Before I shaved I looked 30 years old. Most all of the boys here have half-beards.
Mr. Ritchey received another
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letter from home today (that makes two), and was a happy as a clam etc. He wants to be remembered to you; as does Sgt. Dickinson and all the rest, including some that never saw you.
I saw a strange and beautiful sight this evening. It was while we were standing at inspection (which takes the place of dress parade); we face the east, and it is just before the sun leaves us in the strange dark twilight of the south.
A few clouds had come into view, and presently, right before us there appeared a beautiful clear, full arched, rainbow, there above it another, and above that still
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another - a triple bow.
But then the strange part came. The lower and brighter bow became four or rather a quadruple reptition of the colors. The bow itself remained unchanged but beneath it were narrow lines of color added to it in regular order, four times repeated the violet at the bottom, [diagram of the rainbows] three perfect little bows, blended with c.
Altogether it was the most beautiful "shy piece" I have ever een.
The rainy season is on us sure. It rained 8 times today. It rains, clears, rains, clears, etc. all the time.
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You people must not be worried at any reports of sickness from here. There has been no real sickness at all here, in our regiment, only cramps etc., nothing bad. Very healthful place it seems. If I get taken sick - bad - I'll telegraph, or if I'm not able, Wooldridge or the "Captain" will, so never worry. Wooldridge is well and is looking better I think than at alger.
Please don't kick when I don't write, because I really am, awfully worked and go to sleep as soon as possible. I'll try though to
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write more often.
I asked for another picture of Col. Marries first parade - can't I have it? I also would like to have one of our group at Camp Alger, the one Caroline and Rosalie call "Your Chervons." We are now ordered to be in readiness to move at any brown, but will not go until 30th or later, I know.
Well I really must stop, so again telling you that I'm in excellent health, I'll say Good Bye,
Your Loving Son (who won't cry when the war's over)
> Henry A. Dobson.
Love to all.
Tell Dot - now that the show is over - that sisters letters are nice - even if I don't always answer







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Letter, Henry Dobson to Mamma, June 23, 1898



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