Comparison of treatment response among GLB and non-GLB street living youth

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Homeless youth, Gay lesbian or bisexual (GLB) youth, Intervention studies, Secondary data analysis, Youth Self-Report (YSR), Beck Depression Inventory, Comparative studies


Compared with their heterosexual counterparts, gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) youth experience unique stressors such as victimization and discrimination associated with their sexual orientation. One plausible reason for this is the hostile environment in which GLB youth live which includes the mental health system. For example, Sullivan (1994) asserts that GLB youth face unique developmental challenges and that service providers should examine the systemic obstacles to competent services on their behalf. The need for competent mental health services for this population is reflective in high rates of depression and substance use. GLB youth also engage in more high risk drug behaviors as compared to heterosexual youth.