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April 2020



Abstract Practical Applications: I will be researching the practical application of creating and implementing composting into different production processes. I will be working with Justin Welch to understand the composting business that he has successfully begun. Additionally, I will be furthering my understanding by looking into how his business makes their compost and what are the best “cocktails” of micro-organisms to make different kinds of compost for different kinds of production systems. My goal through this research is to understand how compost is created, implemented and can be profitable for a business. This will allow me to be able to create educational materials for small-holder farm owners and show them the environmental, social and economic benefits of creating and using their own compost. Abstract Social Implications: I will be researching the history behind the topic of composting. Spanning back to the use of composting in indigenous cultures, into the industrial era and the rise of fertilizers and agrochemicals, and concluding in the green revolution era where the focus is back into encouraging composting and other ‘green methods’ of farming and waste disposal. I will use my knowledge in the history of composting and through my practical application in a composting business to ask the question, ‘why is composting so important’ and take a critical approach of why I will argue it is one of the most important methods of combating climate change, food insecurity, and other issues.



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Monteverde Institute MVI



Composting project: Practical applications and social implications



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