Remote Sensing Assessment of Oil Spills Near a Damaged Platform in the Gulf of Mexico

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Oil spill, Optical remote sensing, Taylor Energy, MC-20, Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane

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An oil platform in the Mississippi Canyon 20 (MC-20) site was damaged by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004. In this study, we use medium- to high-resolution (10-30 m) optical remote sensing imagery to systematically assess oil spills near this site for the period between 2004 and 2016. Image analysis detects no surface oil in 2004, but ~40% of the cloud-free images in 2005 show oil slicks, and this number increases to ~70% in 2006-2011, and > 80% since 2012. For all cloud-free images from 2005 through 2016 (including those without oil slicks), delineated oil slicks show an average oil coverage of 14.9 km

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Marine Pollution Bulletin, v. 136, p. 141-151