This dataset contains observations of the growth rate of methane-saturated oil droplets under depressurization in a counter-current flow channel filled with artificial seawater. Droplet growth rate was captured through photographic imaging with back-lit illumination, and size evaluation was processed in ImageJ. A time series of the ratio of instantaneous to initial droplet size is presented for four different experiments with different combinations of initial droplet size and pressure.



Dataset contains laboratory observations of the growth rate of methane-saturated oil droplets, no field sampling involved.

Supplemental Information

The data are contained in an Excel spreadsheet organized into three worksheets: 1. General Information contains a description of the experimental set-up and methodology. 2. An experimental_overview summarizes the results. Parameters: Experiment number, initial droplet diameter [d_p,0, mm], and droplet growth factor [d_p/d_p,0, nondimensional]. 3. An experimental_data details time series of each experiment as pressure is released. Parameters: time [minutes], pressure [bar], droplet growth factor d_p/d_p,0, nondimensional]. The final observation for each experiment occurs at decimal minute observations; although times and predicted pressures are present, no observations were made.|Louisiana Sweet Crude oil (LSC) was saturated with methane at a pressure of 250 +/- 0.1 MPa. The LSC sample was sourced from Marline Platform Dorado, Request ID: 19494.01, and the artificial seawater was prepared according to the recipe of Kester et al (1967). The oil/methane mixture was depressured to the desired initial pressure for an experiment using a back-pressure regulator. The pressure of the oil/methane/seawater mixture was then released at a constant rate of 10 bar/min, with observations of the ratio of instantaneous to the initial droplet diameter recorded once a minute. The experiments were carried out at 20C +/- 0.3C.|High-pressure counter-current flow channel with optical access. Oil presaturation unit for the saturation of LSC with methane. Back-pressure regulator for depressurization of gas-saturated oil from saturation pressure (~250 bar) to initial pressure of experiment.|||Kester, D. R., I. W. Duedall, D. N. Connors, R. M. Pytkowicz (1967). Preparation of artificial seawater. Limnology and Oceanography 12(1), 176-179. doi:10.4319/lo.1967.12.1.0176


Experiments are carried out in order to get information on the rising behavior of gas-saturated crude oil droplets. The degassing and growth of the droplets are crucial parameters for oil distribution/far field modeling.


degassing, droplet rise, rise velocity, live crude oil, droplet volume




December 2019

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Technical University of Hamburg / Institute of Multiphase Flows


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Technical University of Hamburg / Institute of Multiphase Flows

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