This dataset contains droplet size distributions (DSD) obtained from a set of experiments visualizing large-scale turbulent oil in water jets in a pilot plant-scale facility (700L). Flow rates, nozzle diameter, and nozzle geometry were varied in a set of 21 experiments. The droplet size distributions are measured with an endoscopic analysis technique. Various characterizations of the particle size statistics are presented along with the droplet size distributions.



Dataset contains droplet size distributions (DSD) obtained from a set of experiments, no field sampling was involved.

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The data is organized into multiple worksheets within a single Excel spreadsheet. The worksheet “General Information” contains information about the project and experimental set-up. The worksheet “Info_Values” is the summary of results for 21 experiments. Parameters include nozzle description, nozzle size [D, mm], exit velocity [U_0, m/s], volume flow rate [V, m^3/s], distance from nozzle to probe [x, cm], nondimensional OR dimensionless distance from nozzle to probe [x/D], number of particles [n], minimum diameter of particles [d_min, um], maximum diameter of particles [d_max, um], area-weighted mean size (Sauter mean) [d_3,2, um], arithmetic mean size [d_1,0, um], median number based value [d_ n,50, um], medium volume-based size [d_v,50, um], and 95% volume-based size [d_v,95, um]. The naming convention of the worksheets dedicated to the 21 individual experiments includes experiment number, nozzle exit velocity, and nozzle size. Parameters are diameter of particle [d_p, um], probability density function of particle diameter [q_0, 1/um], number of particles [n], and cumulative distribution function of particle diameter [dQ_0].|The continuous phase was deionized water (dynamic viscosity 8.90e-4 Pa s, density 997.05 kg/m^3) and the dispersed phase (jet) H&R Pionier 7467 white oil (dynamic viscosity 3.90e-3 Pa s, density 801.42 kg/m^3, oil/water interfacial tension 0.037 N/m^2) colored with Sudan Red, a lipophilic dye. The tank was 5500 mm in height, with a 486 mm inner diameter and a volume of 700 liters. The nozzle diameters were 32 and 74 mm, with a modified 32-mm nozzle with three semi-circular built-ins used in experiments 13-18. Experiments were undertaken at 20°C and one atmosphere pressure.||||This dataset was initially published on 2019-12-17 and was revised again on 2020-06-01 to correct some numerical values. The dataset now includes both the originally submitted (TUHH_original_submitted_2019.xlsx) file as well as the revised version (TUHH_revised_submitted_2020.xlsx).


The experiments were designed to characterize the droplet size distribution in large scale free jets. The size of the tank allowed scale-up from smaller laboratory tank sizes to a larger setting.


droplet size distribution, free jet, endoscopic measurements, droplet diameter, blowout, large-scale experiments, large-scale experiments




December 2019

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Technical University of Hamburg / Institute of Multiphase Flows


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Technical University of Hamburg / Institute of Multiphase Flows

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