Controlled oil exposure study to evaluate the effects of south Louisiana crude oil, via chemically enhanced water accommodated fraction (CEWAF), on red drum health. Data include exposure solution total polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (tPAH) results, red drum liver tPAH results, red drum whole body tPAH results, and exposure solution volatile organic compounds (VOCs).



Dataset contains laboratory measurements of oil exposure on red drum, no field sampling involved.

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Test Conditions Table worksheet: Note there is no feed tab in dataset. Test 113 Sample Key worksheet: Day, Sample Date (MM/DD/YYYY), Sample Location (MAP-Mote Aquaculture Park), Field ID, Fish Tag #, Tank ID, Treatment, Matrix, MML#, Comments. CEWAF Prep worksheet: Date (MM/DD/YYYY), Carboy, Oil (g), Corexit (g), Volume Water (L). tPAH Tank worksheet: Analyte, MDL (ug/L), unblanked (ng/L), blanked, Day #. tPAH Whole_BodyLW worksheet: PAH Analytes, MDL (lw ng/g), MML, Treatment, Day, Tank, Sample Date (MM/DD/YYYY). tPAH Whole_BodyWW worksheet: PAH Analytes, MDL (ww ng/g), MML, Treatment, Day, Tank, Sample Date (MM/DD/YYYY). tPAH Liver_wetweight worksheet: Analytes, MDL (ng/g), MML, Field ID, Day, unblanked (ng/g), blanked. tPAH Liver_Lipidweight worksheet: PAH Analytes, MDL (lw ng/g), MML, Treatment, Day, Tank ID, Sample Date (MM/DD/YYYY). Lipid Weights worksheet: MML, Liver lipid weight (g/10mL), Liver % Lipid, Whole Body lipid weight (g/10mL), Whole Body % lipid. VOC Results worksheet: Analyte, MML, Concentration (ug/L), Qualifier.|Sub adult red drum were exposed to chemically enhanced water accommodated fraction (CEWAF) at a concentration of 1 ppm for 4 days. On day four fresh sea water was turned on and fish were allowed to depurate. A control was run where fish were not exposed to CEWAF. Twenty fish were in each tank, and 3 tanks were run in both control and treatments. Two fish were sampled from each tank on days 1 - 4, day 6, day 8 and day 10. Water was also sampled from one treatment and one control tank on these days. CEWAF was prepared by mixing approximately 800 grams of oil and 80 grams of Corexit in 20 L of water. Total petroleum hydrocarbons were measured in the tank water, whole body, and liver. Day numbering in PAH worksheets refers to time elapsed from first addition of exposure solution. tPAH whole body measurements defined as entire homogenized fish minus liver, some gill, spleen, head kidney, intestine and feces, bile, otoliths, lenses, and heart. The column "unblanked" reports the concentration calculated from under the peak minus the sample blank concentration. The column "blanked" indicates which analytes are below minimum detection limit (MDL), and considers these values as 0 when calculating total amount at the bottom. Known standards and surrogates were used to determine recovery. Standard: AccuStandard Cat #S-68283, Custom PAH Standard. Surrogate: Restek Cat #31206, SV Internal Standard Mix 2mg/ml. Feed was also sampled for VOC analysis. VOCs were analyzed by Pace Analytical Services, LLC. Results reported conform to the most current, applicable TNI/NELAC standards and the laboratory's Quality Assurance Manual, where applicable, unless otherwise noted.||||


Controlled oil exposure study to evaluate the effects of south Louisiana crude oil, via CEWAF, on fish health.


Deepwater Horizon, CEWAF, Red Drum, Uptake, Depuration, tPAH, VOC, Sciaenops ocellatus, Volatile Organic Compounds




January 2019

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Dana Wetzel


Mote Marine Laboratory / Environmental Laboratory of Forensics Program

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