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Tara Topping


This dataset contains 2017 collection data from reef fish from natural reefs, artificial reefs, and standing platforms collected off the TX coast. Red snapper were caught using hook and line. Individual fish weights, lengths, and samples collected (gonads, otoliths, fin clip, muscle plug, stomach, etc.) are included.


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Deployment Tab ID generated ID using Year Month Day_Method_Site_Structure_Set YearDeployment year of sampling MonthDeployment month of sampling DayDeployment day of sampling Method method of data collection (Hook and Line-HL) Site Site name Structure_# Structure number, CSSC internal numbering system StructureType type of structure (standing, cutoff, topple, natural, deck) Latitude DDD.DDDDD Longitude DDD.DDDDD SiteDepth Site depth in feet DeploymentComments When fishing HL gear 'Set' is not reported Catch Tab ID Deployment Identification; Date_Method_Site_Structure_Set; This ID should appear in the deployment table ("tblDeployment") FishCallNumber Fish Call Number Assigned When Caught, this is a consecutive numbering system for all fish caught SpeciesID Species ID code from CSSC species ID list Common Name common name of fish caught DiscardKeep Whether fish was discarded (released) or kept; D-discarded, K-Kept PassiveTag Was it tagged with a passive dart tag? Yes or No PassiveTagNumber Passive Tag Number Condition Condition fish was released in; Depredation, Floater, Poor, Fair, Good Vent Was the fish vented? Yes or No Processing Tab FishCallNumber Fish call number assigned when caught SpeciesID Species ID code from CSSC species ID list LabWT lab weight in kg EvisceratedWT fish weight in kg after eviscerated, gills are retained SL Standard Length in mm FL Fork Length in mm TL total lentch in mm Sex Sex; M-Male, F-Female, U-Unknown GonadWT gonad weight in grams LiverWT liver weight in grams GI Weight gastrointestinal weight in grams GonadsKept gonads kept in house; yes or no Otolith Otolith kept; yes or no FinClip fin clip kept; yes or no MusclePlug Muscle plug kept; yes or no, also noted in comments MP on boat or lab StomachKept Stomach kept; yes or no; DS = distended which means stomach empty and not kept; Note: For our purposes DS and empty are the same, stomachs were not saved in either of those cases Lesions Began collecting lesion data in 2016. Lesion present; yes or no; Note: Empty cells indicate there were no lesions Bile Began collecting bile in July 2016. Bile present; yes or no Gonad Began keeping all gonads in July 2016 to send to Steve Murawski for collaborative PAH project. Gonad kept for anaysis; yes or no Muscle_Plug Began collecting additional muscle plug in July 2016. Muscle plug taken; yes or no Liver Began collecting liver in July 2016. Liver kept; yes or no ProcessComments Line indicates the collection of additonal samples for collaborative PAH study with Steve Murawski's lab|||||


Baseline data. Minimal impacts to marine life were reported in Texas waters, so these fish are considered "out-group".


Red snapper, Lutjanus campechanus, artificial reef, natural reef




May 2018

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Tara Topping


Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi / The Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies

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