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John Hildebrand
Kait Frasier


This dataset consists of delphinid echolocation clicks recorded at five sites in the Gulf of Mexico from May 2010 until March 2012. The sites are Desoto Canyon (DC), Dry Tortugas (DT), Green Canyon (GC), Main Pass (MP), and Mississippi Canyon (MC). Additional site information is contained in the deployment_info.csv file. Clicks were grouped into five-minute bins and clustered based on spectra. Clustered clicks are described herein as mean normalized spectra for each cluster formed, with the associated distribution of inter-click intervals (ICI) calculated from first time differences between clicks within each cluster.


Supplemental Information

Variable definitions: constant_vectors: These are vectors that are fixed for all bins. frequency: Vector of frequencies in kilohertz. This vector contains the frequencies associated with the click spectra in summary_spectrum (i.e. to plot the summary spectrum, x = frequency, y = summary_spectrum). ici_bins: Vector of inter-click interval (ICI) bins in seconds. Each value is the middle of a 0.01 second frequency bin. This vector contains the time values associated with the distribution in ici_distribution (i.e. to plot the ICI histogram, x= ici_bins, y=ici_distribution). max_network_size: Maximum number of clicks used for clustering for each bin. If a bin contained more than this number of clicks, a random subset of this size was selected. bin: Each set of parameters contained between bin tags ( ) is associated with a set of dolphin clicks within a five-minute window (bin) that has been clustered. One or more clusters are possible within each bin. bin_start_time: Start date and time of bin. Format is YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss bin_end_time: End date and time of bin. Format is YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss num_clicks_in_bin: Number of clicks detected in time bin. A single integer value. num_clusters_in_bin: Number of click clusters formed. A single integer value. num_clicks_per_cluster: Number of clicks in each cluster. A 1xN vector of integers, where N = num_clusters_in_bin. ici_distribution: Values of inter-click interval distribution associated with ici_bins as counts. N vectors of M integers, where M = length (ici_bins). summary_spectrum: Values of the mean spectrum of each cluster in normalized dB on a scale of [0,1]. N vectors of K integers, where K = length(frequency). Deployment Info: Site: Location where data were collected. Deployment: Number of deployment Site_Longitude_W: Longitude of deployment (DDM) Site_Latitude_N: Latitude of Deployment (DDM) Site_Depth_m: Depth of deployment (m) Data_Start: Start date of deployment (MM/DD/YYYY) Data_End: End date of deployment (MM/DD/YYYY) Recording_Duration_days: Number of days data were collected Num_Clicks_Detected: Number of clicks detected|||||


This dataset was developed to assess the population of dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico at the time and following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.


Marine mammals, passive acoustic monitoring, dolphins, Main Pass




December 2017

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John A. Hildebrand


University of California San Diego / Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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