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Dana Wetzel


Impacts of oil exposure on fertility potential of affected organisms can allow us to answer questions regarding serious reproductive impairment. Several reproductive hormones were used to establish exposure level impacts on targeted fish species. Enzyme linked immunoassays were performed on blood serum samples-concentrations of hormones and are reported as pg/mL of serum.


Supplemental Information

Plate (ID), Assay (ID), Curve Fit Type [linear regression, R-squared], Well Positions (ID), Sample (ID), Raw Data, Curve Fit, Final Results, Sample (ID), Sex (M,F), Species (common name) [Tilefish, Black Line Tilefish, Greater Amber Jack, Black Fin Tuna, Red Snapper], Inhibin A Rep 1 to Rep 2 (pg/mL), Inhibin A Average (pg/mL), Inhibin A % CV coefficient variation of absorbance (%), Inhibin B Rep 1 to Rep 2 (pg/mL), Inhibin B Average (pg/mL), Inhibin B % CV coefficient variation of absorbance (%). The following is a list of stations where samples in the dataset were collected from (Station ID, Westbound Extent, Northbound Extent, Southbound Extent, Eastbound Extent): WB-SL7-150, -86.42981, 29.29443, 29.27616, -86.39935; WB-SL8-40, -87.16775, 29.5302, 29.51386, -87.13137; WB-SL9-150, -88.00322, 29.14935, 29.1495, -87.5974; WB-SL9-80, -88.00592, 29.17805, 29.16829, -88.04336; WB-SL10-40, -88.53312, 29.1116, 29.08347, -88.52524; WB-SL14-60, -87.26249, 29.30115, 29.27621, -87.24361; WB-SL14-100, -87.3263, 29.24353, 29.22158, -87.29868; WB-16-150, -90.00237, 28.38246, 28.34908, -89.58652; WB-PCB03-100, -86.24402, 29.43523, 29.41358,-86.20798; The dataset file titled "Inhibin A_B 2012 Sample Locations" contains information about where each sample in the dataset was collected from and is organized by Plate ID. The following is a description of each field in the file: Fish Sample ID (unique identifier that corresponds to the Sample ID fields in the other dataset files), Station ID (station where sample was collected), Westbound Extent (western bounding extent of station (DD)), Northbound Extent (northern bounding extent of station (DD)), Southbound Extent (southern bounding extent of station (DD)), Eastbound Extent (eastern bounding extent of station (DD)), Center Point Lat (latitudinal center point of station bounding extent(DD)), Center Point Lon (longitudinal center point of station bounding extent (DD)). |||||


Determine impact of the DWH event on fish fertility.


Inhibin A, Inhibin B, Fish fertility




July 2016

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Dana Wetzel


Mote Marine Laboratory / Environmental Laboratory of Forensics Program

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