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Thomas Oldenburg
Ryan Snowden


This dataset contains spatial and temporal compilation of sediments to be analyzed with ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry (FT-ICR-MS) for spatial and temporal sediment studies of the fate of the spilled Deep water Horizon oil. This metadata is closely related to UDI: R1.x135.119:0004 (which includes more details of the sample sources).


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Class: A (heteroatom or hydrocarbon) class is defined here as the sum of all constituents containing the same heteroatoms (number and elements) independent of the degree of unsaturation (DBE). HC: Hydrocarbon class N: Nitrogen containing heteroatom class NO: NO containing heteroatom class O: O containing heteroatom class S: S containing heteroatom class DBE: Double bond equivalent – degree of unsaturation due to the presence of rings and/or double bonds Pseudohomolog C#: A pseudohomolog at a specific carbon number (C#), of a species is defined as the sum of all compounds containing the same molecular formula measured in one ionization technique mode. Mass: m/z ratio of a given species. Source Oil B (A00216): Source Oil B (SOB) was collected aboard the Enterprise Discoverer on May 22 and May 23, 2010. Oil was collected by the Enterprise directly from the MC252 well via the riser insertion tube. Surrogate - LSCL (A0065V): “Dead”oil collected from the Marlin Platform of the Dorado field. The platform is 23 miles NE of Macondo. Date notation: The date format is Month/Year as per the collection date of the sediment sample. Note - sample names in the dataset show the date of collection in field and the sediment subsample depth (mm). For example, Dec10_3 means the sample is from a 3 mm layer collected in December 2010. |||||


Determine the fate of the Deepwater Horizon oil in the northern Gulf of Mexico.


Sediments, Ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry, Oil fate




July 2016

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Thomas Oldenburg


University of Calgary / Petroleum Reservoir Group - Tesla Petroleomics Center

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