Dataset contains selected biomarker ratios in sediment cores from 5 sampling sites in the Gulf of Mexico obtained using gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS).


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Ts 18a(H)-22,29,30-Trisnorneohopane Tm 17a(H)-22,29,30-Trisnorhopane 31HS 17α(H),21β(H)-22R-Homohopane 31HR 17α(H),21β(H)-22S-Homohopane 32HS 17α(H),21β(H)-22S-Bishomohopane 32HR 17α(H),21β(H)-22R-Bishomohopane 35HS 17α(H),21β(H)-22S-Pentakishomohopane 35HR 17α(H),21β(H)-22R-Pentakishomohopane G Gammacerane 29H 17α(H),21β(H)-C29-Hopane 30H 17α(H),21β(H)-C30-Hopane 27baS 10b(H),13a(H)-20S-Diacholestane 27baR 10b(H),13a(H)-20R-Diacholestane 29abbS 5a(H),14b(H),17b(H)-24-Ethylcholestane 20S 29abbR 5a(H),14b(H),17b(H)-24-Ethylcholestane 20R 29aaaS 5a(H),14a(H),17a(H)-24-Ethylcholestane 20S 29aaaR 5a(H),14a(H),17a(H)-24-Ethylcholestane 20R 20-TAS C20-triaromatic steroid (pregnane derivative) 21-TAS C21-triaromatic steroid (homopregnane) 26S-TAS C26-20S-triaromatic steroid (cholestane derivative) 26R-TAS C26-20R-triaromatic steroid (cholestane derivative) 27S-TAS C27-20S-triaromatic steroid (methylcholestane derivative) 28R-TAS C28-20R-triaromatic steroid (ethylcholestane derivative) SW01, SL1040, DWH01, DSH08 and DSH10 are the names of the sampling sites from which the cores were obtained. Below are the coordinates for each sampling sites: dsh10: 28.97905, -87.891617 dsh08: 29.122783, -87.867733 dwh01: 28.724367, -88.387283 sl1040: 29.19605, -88.868833 sw01: 28.239717, -89.120667 The values in Row 1, Columns B through S, represent the station and date for each core sample. The format of the values in this row is "Station Name/Month/Year/Day" (for example, the value "SW01_Aug12_5" would be used to indicate that the results reported in this column came from analyses of a core sample collected at station SW01 on August 5th, 2012). The biomaker ratios (which are reported in the file titled "biomaker_ratios.csv") were calculated from the concentrations of each biomaker (which are measured in ug/g and are reported in the file titled "biomaker_conc.csv").||GC-MS instrument|||


Ratios of selected biomarkers were calculated in order to compare them to the GC-MS fingerprint of Macondo Well oil.


Biomarkers, fingerprinting, GC-MS, sediments




November 2015

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Thomas Oldenburg


University of Calgary / Petroleum Reservoir Group - Tesla Petroleomics Center

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