Early Childhood Education in Korea

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This chapter discusses the state of early childhood education in South Korea and addresses socio-historical factors that have contributed to the development of early childhood education in the Korean context. It highlights conceptual frameworks on the cultural values and practices within families that have influenced the growth of early childhood education in Korea. The chapter discusses common curricular models and approaches to early childhood education in Korea, drawing on research studies to illustrate best practices and assessment of programmatic goals. It discusses early childhood teacher training programs and provides policy implications and future directions that are relevant to early childhood development and education, and early childhood teacher training. The chapter compares and contrasts preservice teacher training programs and in-service teacher professional development opportunities for early childhood teachers. It considers several approaches that could further benefit the creation, implementation, and maintenance of Korean early childhood education and care programs.

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Early Childhood Education in Korea, in J. L. Roopnarine, J. E. Johnson, S. Flannery Quinn & M. M. Patte (Eds.), Handbook of International Perspectives on Early Childhood Education, Routledge, p. 187-199

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