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Most chemistry educators agree that deep understanding of the nature of noncovalent interactions is essential for learning in chemistry. Yet decades of research have shown that students have persistent incorrect ideas about these interactions. We have worked in collaboration with a community of chemistry, biology, and biochemistry educators to develop a construct map to guide development of instructional and assessment resources related to the physical basis of noncovalent interactions in a biochemical context. This map was devised using data about student learning and expert perspectives on noncovalent interactions, resulting in a framework that provides a detailed roadmap for teaching and learning related to this essential concept. Here we describe the development of the construct map and our use of it to reform our biochemistry teaching practice. Because biochemistry relies on application of concepts learned in prerequisite courses, this construct map could be useful for wide range of courses including general chemistry, introductory biology, organic chemistry, and biochemistry.

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Chemistry Education Research and Practice, v. 19, issue 4, p. 1151-1165