Efficient CO2 Removal for Ultra‐Pure CO Production by Two Hybrid Ultramicroporous Materials

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CO production, CO2 capture, gas separation, hybrid ultramicroporous materials, trace CO2 removal

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Removal of CO2 from CO gas mixtures is a necessary but challenging step during production of ultra‐pure CO as processed from either steam reforming of hydrocarbons or CO2 reduction. Herein, two hybrid ultramicroporous materials (HUMs), SIFSIX‐3‐Ni and TIFSIX‐2‐Cu‐i, which are known to exhibit strong affinity for CO2, were examined with respect to their performance for this separation. The single‐gas CO sorption isotherms of these HUMs were measured for the first time and are indicative of weak affinity for CO and benchmark CO2/CO selectivity (>4000 for SIFSIX‐3‐Ni). This prompted us to conduct dynamic breakthrough experiments and compare performance with other porous materials. Ultra‐pure CO (99.99 %) was thereby obtained from CO gas mixtures containing both trace (1 %) and bulk (50 %) levels of CO2 in a one‐step physisorption‐based separation process.

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Angewandte Chemie International Edition, v. 57, issue 13, p. 3332-3336