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Kamlet, Roles, Consulting, Chemicals, Procurement, Synthesis

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As state universities feel economic pinches of reduced support from state legislatures, and as sources of federal funding for supported research projects face additional challenges, other sources of support need to be found. Two sources under consideration are royalties and licensing fees for successful patents. A good example of a successful developer of patents was Jonas Kamlet, Ph.D. (1914‐1960), who was an early consultant in chemical and other matters and was the successful co-owner, with his wife Edna, of the Kamlet Laboratories. The roles that he played in his career can, we believe, provide good examples for contemporary researchers in doing applied research and obtaining fees for consulting and related professional activities. We review here some of the pertinent roles in the life of Dr. Jonas Kamlet, which may serve as a guide for contemporary innovators.


Technology and Innovation, v. 17, p. 41-48.

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