Porphyrin Nanocage-Embedded Single-Molecular Nanoparticles for Cancer Nanotheranostics

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cancer treatment, imaging, nanotheranostics, photodynamic therapy, singlet oxygen

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Single molecular nanoparticles (SMNPs) integrating imaging and therapeutic capabilities exhibit unparalleled advantages in cancer theranostics, ranging from excellent biocompatibility, high stability, prolonged blood lifetime to abundant tumor accumulation. Herein, we synthesize a sophisticated porphyrin nanocage that is further functionalized with twelve polyethylene glycol arms to prepare SMNPs (porSMNPs). The porphyrin nanocage embedded in porSMNPs can be utilized as a theranostic platform. PET imaging allows dynamic observation of the bio-distribution of porSMNPs, confirming their excellent circulation time and preferential accumulation at the tumor site, which is attributed to the enhanced permeability and retention effect. Moreover, the cage structure significantly promotes the photosensitizing effect of porSMNs by inhibiting the π–π stacking interactions of the photosensitizers, ablating of the tumors without relapse by taking advantage of photodynamic therapy.

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Angewandte Chemie International Edition, v. 58, issue 26, p. 8799-8803