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Metal–organic frameworks, Structural properties

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The sophisticated control of surface wettability for target-specific applications has attracted widespread interest for use in a plethora of applications. Despite the recent advances in modification of non-porous materials, surface wettability control of porous materials, particularly single crystalline, remains undeveloped. Here we contribute a general method to impart amphiphobicity on single-crystalline porous materials as demonstrated by chemically coating the exterior of metal-organic framework (MOF) crystals with an amphiphobic surface. As amphiphobic porous materials, the resultant MOF crystals exhibit both superhydrophobicity and oleophobicity in addition to retaining high crystallinity and intact porosity. The chemical shielding effect resulting from the amphiphobicity of the MOFs is illustrated by their performances in water/organic vapour adsorption, as well as long-term ultrastability under highly humidified CO

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Nature Communications, v. 7 art. 13300

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