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Entrepreneur, diabetes, glucose, newsprint, ruminants, fodder, biuret


Jonas Kamlet, Ph.D., as a chemist, inventor, and a significant entrepreneur who founded Kamlet Laboratories in New York City that became the model of a successful consulting firm. Among his hundreds of patents and inventions were a tablet that could be used to measure glucose in urine, a treated strip that could detect pregnancy, a fodder for ruminants that used newsprint, and biuret (a self-condensation product of urea) that could be used as a non-protein component of fodder. Following his death in an airplane collision on December 16, 1960, his wife and collaborator (and later a resident of Florida) carried on the work of the firm until her retirement in about 1979.

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Florida Scientist, v. 70, no. 1, p. 40-44.

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