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Carter Collection Copper-Lined Flower Table

Carter Collection Copper-Lined Flower Table


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President Jimmy Carter made this chaise lounge chair after leaving the Navy in 1953. At the time, he and Rosalynn lived in a government housing project, and he made many of their furnishings using basic tools. The piece is made from pine with rope backing and is still used daily for naps and relaxing on their back porch at their current home in Plains, Georgia. The piece was selected for 3D documentation by the USF CDHGI, with input and collaboration with the Carter family, the National Park Service, and the Friends of Jimmy Carter National Historical Park. Photogrammetric methods were also used to document the piece.

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Cultural property, Woodwork, Furniture, National Park Service, Workmanship, 39th President, Jimmy Carter, Friends of Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter National Historical Park (Plains, Ga.)


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Sumter County (Ga.); Plains (Ga.)

Carter Collection Copper-Lined Flower Table


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