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Carter Family Homestead and Commissary

Carter Family Homestead and Commissary


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The Boyhood Farm includes the Carter family home along with several outbuildings and the commissary that was run by Jimmy’s Dad, Earl Carter. Adjacent to the store is a gas pump that was sold to passing motorists, and behind the store is a windmill of the type that operated on the Carter homestead. Fields planted with crop vegetables are to one side of the commissary, and a clay tennis court lies between the home and the store. Jimmy would play his father in tennis on this clay court, and while the games were tough, he said he was never able to best his Father. The commissary store was a simple affair, and was not open all the time. If someone stopped in at the store, Jimmy was often charged with opening it up and making the sale.

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Store, windmill, commissary, gardening, gas pump, National Park Service, homestead, Laser Scanning, architecture, point cloud, president, Jimmy Carter National Historical Park, Friends of Jimmy Carter National Historic Site


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Carter Family Homestead and Commissary


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