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Cave Research Associates Tumbling Creek Cave Foundation

Publication Date

April 1969


H. Rose Cave (Lower Saxony, Germany), Langenfeld Cave (Lower Saxony, Germany), R. Disch Cave (Lower Saxony, Germany), Geology


Contents: Quartzite rubble and bean-ore conglomerate: a key horizon in cave sediments / Bodo Schillat, Translated by E. Perkuhn, L. R. Goodman and A. L. Lange. -- Germany summary. Cave Notes(vols. 1-8) and Caves and Karst: Research in Speleology(vols. 9-15) were published by Cave Research Associates from 1959-1973. In 1975, the Tumbling Creek Cave Foundation compiled complete sets of the journals in three volumes. The Foundation sells hardbound copies of the material to support its activities. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Tumbling Creek Cave Foundation Collection Vol. 11, no. 2 (1969) See Extended description for more information.

Subject: topical



Newsletter; serial



Caves and karst: Research in speleology

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