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Caves and karst: Research in speleology



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Cave Research Associates Tumbling Creek Cave Foundation

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October 1961




Cave resarch meeting Mammoth Cave National Park August 25-26, 1961 -- Abstracts of Papers: Biological survey of Virginia Caves by Lyle G. Conrad; Perspectives on troglobitic diplopoda (arthropoda) of North America by Nell B. Causey; Studies on the cave crayfish, orconectes pellucidusby Thomas C. Jegla; The eyes of typhlotriton speiaeus, the grotto salamander by Ronald A. Brandon; Degenerative evolution within caves and its mechanism by Bassett Maquire Jr.; The bad tadaridain Mammoth Cave by Thomas C. Jegla; Caves of Iraq by Iyad A. Nader; Bat populations of the Mammoth Cave area by John S. Hall; Cave oolites by J. Donahue -- Proceedings -- Annotated bibliography. Cave Notes(vols. 1-8) and Caves and Karst: Research in Speleology(vols. 9-15) were published by Cave Research Associates from 1959-1973. In 1975, the Tumbling Creek Cave Foundation compiled complete sets of the journals in three volumes. The Foundation sells hardbound copies of the material to support its activities. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Windy City Grotto Collection, 1961-2013 Vol. 3, no. 5 (1961) See Extended description for more information.

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Cave Notes Caves and karst: Research in speleology



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