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The daily journals of Audubon wardens and statewide reports on certain sites and projects cover activities from 1900 to 1970, with most of the materials concentrated between the 1930s and 1950s.


Audubon societies, Diaries, Ecology, Florida, History, Gulf Coast (Fla.), 20th century


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Florida; Gulf Coast (Fla.)

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Records (Documents)

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Audubon Florida Records, 1900-1970

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Guidelines, "Information for Visitors to Florida Sanctuaries"
Letter, Carll Tucker to John H. Baker, December 27, 1938
Guidelines, "Santuary Visitors Policy"
Letter, J.R. Dymond to John H. Baker, December 29, 1938
Draft, "Sanctuary Visitors Policy" and "Visitor's Permit, National Association of Audubon Societies"
Memo, J.H. Baker to Mr. Allen, December 16, 1938
Letter, John H. Baker, December 22, 1938
Draft, "Sanctuary Visitors Policy"
Letter, Aldo Leopold to John H. Baker, January 3, 1939
Letter, Kermin, December 29, 1938
Letter, John H. Baker, December 22, 1938
Guidlines, "Sanctuary Visitors Policy"
Memo, Mr. Allen to Mr. Baker, "Sanctuary Visitors Policy", September 1, 1938
Guidelines, "Policy with Regard to Visitors to Audubon Sanctuaries"
Log, Saturday, January 19th
Note, "Visitors to the Roosevelt Sanctuary are requested to:"
Letter, A. Dietrich to Robert Porter Allen, April 2, 1939
News clipping, "Glades Blaze, Fight Mapped: Wardens and Legislators discuss plans; Fires Burn in 2 Counties", March 24
Editorial by Ellis Hollums
News clipping, "Schools will get race track funds"
News clipping, May 29
News clipping, "Keep Battling, Mr. Leffler", Mar. 24
News clipping, "Damon Runyon says 'Glades Varmints May Scare him out of Chance to Get Rich", February 25
Letter, Robert P. Allen to Edward W. Marshall, January 24, 1939
Letter, John Stevens to Robert P. Allen, May 10, 1939
Letter, Elizabeth T. Dodge to Robert P. Allen, May 5, 1939
Letter, Erwin O. Freund to Robert P. Allen, May 2, 1939
Letter, Guy M. Peters to Robert P. Allen, May 3, 1939
Pamphlet, "Off the Beaten Trail in Florida", Between Ourselves, Vol. 27 No. 3, March 1939
Letter, Edward Woolman to Robert P. Allen
Letter to Robert P. Allen, May 4, 1939
Letter to Robert P. Allen, May 3, 1939
Permit, Visitor's Permit- National Association of Audubon Societies, 1939
Note, A. Eiffer to Robert P. Allen, Melbourne, FL, April 15, 1939
Letter, Richard H. Webb to Mr. Eiffer
Note, Porter Yarney, July 8th

Sanctuary Visitors, 1938-1939 (pp. 882-925)



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