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The unheimliche, term used by Freud to refer to the fear of the unconscious, repress him/it, that that should stay occult, but it was revealed, it appears as theoretical aspect that it unites psychoanalysis and literature. To leave of that concept, we intended to read the story "Páramo", of Guimarães Rosa, published in These Stories. Inside of a subjective and dark universe, Páramo, the narrator comes across something that can be characterized as the manifestation of the unheimliche (the strangely-family). the Approach with the man-corpse, the character's double negative, symbolizes the encounter with something that is inherent to the human being: his/her incompletude and the only certainty of the death that it is gestada for every alive being, with the offence that such instance in the man is for him from always known. Starting from that perspective, it interests us here to verify that it forms the author builds his/her relationship with the double. Like this, we emphasized that the different instants that that illustration appears in the surface of the text indicate the moments of the narrator's encounter get and the story as a great metaphor of the crossing that the character does for his/her labiríntico subjective universe. And such passage means the attempt



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