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May 2019

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Systems, methods and instrumentalities are disclosed for superposed signaling for bandwidth efficiency in wireless communications. Homogeneous and heterogeneous signals may be superposed on the same channel. Superposed signals may comprise, for example, multi carrier, frequency division and code division signals, including multiple access, e.g., OFDMA and CDMA, signals. Data for various receivers may be dynamically selected for signal superpositioning, for example, based on radio access technology, communication rate (e.g. high and low rates), distance between transmitter and receiver (e.g. near and far signals). Communication rate and power may be allocated to superposed signals. Interference nulling may be applied, for example, by selecting or excluding spreading codes and/or subcarriers. Nulled locations may be used to transmit critical information. Interference shaping may be applied to modify interference, e.g., by transmitting interference symbols using reserved spreading codes. Support information, e.g., code indices, code length and/or subcarriers, may be signaled to support or optimize performance.

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University of South Florida

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