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April 2018

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The compositions and methods of the disclosure particularly target the divalent metal transporter expressed on olfactory nerve terminals to transport divalent cation-coated or cation-containing nanoparticles to all regions of brain. It has been found that such divalent cation-containing nanoparticles, including those nanoparticles comprising manganese have affinity for the metal transport receptor proteins. Although this receptor has particular affinity for manganese, it is contemplated that other divalent ions, including magnesium, calcium, and the like may also be bound to such receptors leading to transport of the nanoparticles into the intracellular cytoplasm. Nanoparticles have been developed, therefore, as vehicles for parenteral delivery of genes, proteins and drugs. The present disclosure encompasses embodiments of nanoparticle-based compositions and methods for the use thereof for the delivery of genes, oligonucleotides, including but not limited to small interfering RNA, and other small molecule drugs, into the brain by nasal insufflation.

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University of South Florida

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