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January 2018

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A61B 2017/320024, A61B 2017/00685, A61B 17/32002


A minimally invasive laparoscopic tissue removal device, namely a morcellator. The device includes, from proximal end to distal end, a handle, handle guard, elongate sheath, and mouth, finally terminating in a safety tip. The elongate sheath and mouth are concentric, such that two elongate, rotating cutting/shredding blades/teeth and one elongate auger feed screw can be positioned along the length of the sheath and mouth. The teeth are opposingly disposed and staggered, such that contact with tissue mass grabs and pulls tissue inwards toward the auger, which transports the tissue proximally toward the outside of the patient's body. A motor unit and gear assembly can be coupled to the teeth and auger to drive rotation of the teeth and auger. A cup assembly can be disposed in overlying relation to the mouth for guiding the tissue mass towards the mouth. Various mechanisms of safely covering the mouth are contemplated as well.

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University of South Florida

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