Power morcellation in a protected environment

Lennox Hoyte
Anthony Imudia


A power morcellation system, apparatus, and methodology. Structurally, the device includes a sturdy, pliable (e.g., able to be inserted and retracted through a 10-15 mm morcellator port), distensible, waterproof/watertight retaining bag/pouch/carrier to be deployed into the pelvic cavity of the subject. The device further includes a plurality (e.g., three (3)) of port tube channels extending outwardly from the bag, wherein the interior of each channel is in communication with the interior of the bag. Each channel has an open end (opposite from the end that terminates in the bag) through which a laparoscopic/robotic camera and other instruments (e.g., camera, control instrument) may pass. A smaller tube channel also extends outwardly from the bag and can be suited as an insufflation port channel, among other uses. The bag also includes a large opening surrounded by an elastic drawstring for receiving the specimen to be removed within the bag.