Percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy tube for optimized gastric sumping

Justin Robert Daggett


An improved percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube that allows continuous suctioning/sumping without occlusion of the tube by the gastric wall. The PEG tube includes a hollow drainage tubing coupled to a ventilated bell cap. The bell cap can be open or closed to the external environment is ventilated via apertures, crenellations and grooves, and hemispherical arches. The PEG tube minimizes, or completely eliminates, the need for a user thereof to frequently flush the tube, thus also curtailing intermittent suctioning and allowing for longer periods of uninterrupted drainage. Furthermore, the PEG tubes of the current invention reduce clogging of the tube by larger gastric matter that is intended to be suctioned out of the patient or subject.