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July 2001

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Disclosed herein are methods for locating hyperactive parathyroid tissue in a patient. The methods comprise providing a radiopharmaceutical which produces during a time window after administration of the radiopharmaceutical to the patient, a detectably greater radioactivity in the hyperactive parathyroid tissue than in adjacent thyroid tissue in the patient; administering the radiopharmaceutical to the patient; surgically opening an operative field in the proximity of the hyperactive parathyroid tissue; and introducing into the operative field during the time window, a probe, which detects the radioactivity produced by the hyperactive parathyroid tissue to determine the location of the hyperactive parathyroid tissue upon moving the probe within the operative field. The method is particularly applicable to radioguided parathyroidectomy using a .sup.99m Tc Sestamibi and a hand-held gamma detection probe. The gamma detection probe is also used to verify ex vivo that the resected tissue is parathyroid adenoma. Also provided are kits comprising a probe capable of detecting the radioactivity emitted from the hyperactive parathyroid tissue packaged with an instruction manual for use of the probe in performing a parathyroidectomy using .sup.99m Tc Sestamibi.

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