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May 2002

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A surgical device for removing unwanted tissue is disclosed. The surgical device includes a housing having a cavity with a lateral opening. The ends of the cavity are enclosed by an endplate and at a distal end by a motor mount . The motor mount provides for the mounting of a pneumatic motor . The pneumatic motor drives a cylindrical wire brush . The cylindrical wire brush includes a plurality of wire bristles extending radially from a central shaft . The pneumatic motor rotatably drives the central shaft at a first end and a high speed bearing mounted in the end plate supports the central shaft at a second end . The cylindrical wire brush extends out of the lateral opening in the cavity a predetermined dimension (X). The predetermined dimension may be adjusted with an adjustment mechanism provided to vary the depth of tissue removal. The cavity includes an evacuation chamber that terminates at an evacuation port . The evacuation chamber accumulates unwanted tissue that has been removed and provides a conduit through which the waste tissue is removed from the cavity . Additionally disclosed is a method of removing unwanted tissue by extending the cylindrical wire brush outside the lateral opening of the cavity the predetermined dimension (X), actuating the cylindrical wire brush within the cavity , removing the unwanted tissue with the cylindrical wire brush , confining the removed tissue within the cavity , and evacuating the removed tissue through the evacuation chamber and evacuation port .

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