David P. Fries

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July 2004

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The present invention is a maskless photolithography system and method using a plasma display for creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures. Advantageously, the invention does not require masks, templates or stencils to create each of the planes or layers on a multi layer two-dimensional or three-dimensional structure. The invention employs a plasma display having individually addressable pixels to generate and direct light onto an object that has photoreactive or photoresist compounds applied to the exposed surface. Unlike conventional plasma displays that generate visible light, the plasma display of the current invention lacks the phosphor coating conventionally used to convert ultraviolet (UV) light to visible light. Therefore, the instant plasma display generates UV light appropriate for reactive processes typically used in photolithography. The desired pattern is designed and stored using conventional computer aided drawing techniques and is used to control the pixels of the plasma display to generate the corresponding desired pattern. Patterned light is directed onto the object to create light and dark spots according to the pattern. In an alternative embodiment, a fixture three dimensions, for mounting of the substrate and allows the substrate to be moved three dimensions, providing alignment in two, coplanar dimensions and the capability to produce three dimensional structures by aligning the substrate in a third dimension perpendicular to the two coplanar dimensions. The system and method is easily reconfigurable and allows rapid prototyping of microscopic and macroscopic devices.

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University of South Florida

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