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November 2015

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A61B 17/3205(20130101), A61B 1/00087(20130101), A61B 1/00101(20130101), A61B 1/3132(20130101), A61B 17/3421(20130101), A61B 2017/00362(20130101), A61B 2017/2931(20130101)


A laparoscopy tool includes a sheath and a control wire slideably disposed within a lumen of the sheath. The sheath has a diameter of less than 1.6 mm and is introduced through an abdominal incision. A handle axially displaces the control wire within the lumen and operates a conventional tip with wire-controlled opposing jaws that is introduced through the umbilicus and has a bore formed in its trailing end. A first set of blades in the bore engage grooves formed in the leading end of the control wire and a second set of blades engages the sheath to prevent sheath retraction. A cam displaces the second set of blades away from the sheath for sheath introduction and removal, and toward the sheath to prevent sheath retraction. The tip is removed through the umbilicus and the tool is removed through the abdominal incision when the surgery is completed.

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University of South Florida

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