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December 2007

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The present invention provides an apparatus for dispensing fluid in preselected volumetric quantities. The apparatus comprises a valve positioned inline with a conduit holding fluid under pressure, a flow meter positioned inline with the conduit, a control unit communicatively coupled to the valve and flow meter, the control unit adapted to open and close the valve and detect data from the flow meter associated with the volume of fluid passing through the conduit, a units select switch having a plurality of preselected settings associated with a plurality of volumetric units, the units select switch communicatively coupled to the control unit, and an incrementing switch communicatively coupled to the control unit, whereby the control unit opens the valve responsive to activation of the incrementing switch thereby permitting fluid flow through the conduit until the control unit closes the valve responsive to the flow meter indicating a volume of fluid passed through the conduit substantially equal to a volumetric unit selected on the units select switch.

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