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October 2015

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C07K 14/4703(20130101), G01N 33/6872(20130101), A61K 38/00(20130101), G01N 2500/00(20130101)


This invention provides a novel pyrin-only protein (POP2), polypeptides, and nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them. POP2 is a 294 nt single exon gene located on human chromosome 3 encoding a 97 amino acid protein with sequence and predicted structural similarity to other pyrin domains. Highly similar to pyrin domains in CATERPILLER (CLR, NLR, NALP) family proteins, POP2 is less like the prototypic Pyrin and ASC pyrin domains. POP2 is expressed principally in peripheral blood leukocytes and displays both cytoplasmic and nuclear expression patterns in transfected cells. TNFα-stimulated and p65 (RelA) induced NF-κB-dependent gene transcription is inhibited by POP2 in vitro by a mechanism involving changes in NF-κB nuclear import or distribution. While colocalizing with ASC in perinuclear specks, POP2 also inhibits the formation of specks by the CLR protein CIAS1/NALP3. POP2 is a negative regulator of NF-κB activity that may influence the assembly of pyrin-domain dependent complexes.

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University of South Florida

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