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September 2007

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The present invention is a substrate dependent circuit modeling system for substrate-mounted components. The height and dielectric constant of a substrate have a significant impact on the frequency response of such components, and these effects cannot be treated independently from the circuit model. The equivalent circuit parameters in the model must be made to vary in accordance with changes in the substrate. The invention includes the steps of selecting a substrate mounted electrical circuit component for which an equivalent circuit model is desired, determining equivalent circuit model input parameters, wherein some of which are dependent upon characteristics of the substrate upon which the component is mounted, for the selected component, representing the selected electrical circuit component mounted upon the substrate as an equivalent electrical circuit, formulating mathematical expressions based upon the input parameters, and creating a unique equivalent circuit model for the component mounted upon the given substrate, the unique equivalent circuit model representing the mounting of the component upon the given substrate wherein the equivalent circuit model provides behavior and performance predictions of the component based upon the given substrate characteristics.

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