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October 2015

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A61M 31/00(20130101), A61B 17/43(20130101), A61M 2210/1408(20130101), A61M 2210/1425(20130101)


A drug delivery device has been designed to directly deliver an agent to the ovaries through direct contact with the fallopian tubes. The device consists of three main components: a tubular inserter, a cylindrical chamber and a plunger. The device is a single-use applicator designed in a shape similar to a tampon to facilitate its insertion through the vagina and into the uterus. Positioning of the device centrally in the uterus is accomplished through the use of ultrasound. The chamber is inserted into the tubular inserter. Adjusting the length of the chamber inserted into the tubular inserter controls the amount of tubing released from the apertures in the tubular inserter. Ultrasound is used to ensure the proper placement of each tube at the entrance of each fallopian tube. The plunger is inserted into the chamber and adjustment of the plunger controls the amount of the agent released into the tubes.

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University of South Florida

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