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October 2010

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A method for detecting trace levels of dissolved organic compounds and leached plastic compounds in drinking water includes the steps of employing deep ultraviolet light-emitting diode induced fluorescence at sensitivity levels of several parts per trillion in real time so that a more compact and inexpensive excitation source, relative to a deep UV laser-induced fluorescence, for fluorescence detection of dissolved organic compounds in water is provided. The deep UV light-emitting diode is operated at an excitation near 265 nm and the laser induced fluorescence is detected at an emission near 450 nm to 500 nm for the dissolved organic compounds and near 310 nm for leached plastic compounds. Optical absorption filters and optical bandpass filters are employed to reduce out-of-band light emitting diode emissions and to eliminate second order optical interference signals for the detection of a fluorescence signal near 450 nm to near 500 nm. The system can measure water contained within a quartz optical cell, within bottled water containers, or in a flowing stream of water.

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University of South Florida

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