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July 2015

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A61F 2/3601(20130101), A61F 2/36(20130101), A61F 2/3662(20130101), A61F 2002/365(20130101)


The invention discloses a surgical technique and apparatus for minimally invasive replacement of a fractured femoral head in hip arthroscopy. The fractured femoral head is first removed from the patient, and an incision made on the patient on a lateral aspect of the operative thigh. A hole is then drilled into the cortex of the operative femur of the patient through the incision. The femoral neck and femoral canal of the operative femur are reamed by inserting a reamer through the drilled hole. A hip prosthesis is then inserted into the wound and injected with molding. The hip prosthesis includes a femoral component having a distal end and a proximal end, the distal end inserted and anchored in the reamed femoral canal, and a femoral head component with smooth surface. The femoral head component contains a deflated balloon that, when inflated with molding, is similar to a neo-femoral head.

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University of South Florida

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