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July 2015

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A61B 1/3132(20130101), A61B 1/00066(20130101), A61B 17/0469(20130101), A61B 17/0625(20130101), A61B 2017/00367(20130101), A61B 2017/0609(20130101)


A laparoscopic suturing device includes a handle and a shaft mounted to the handle. A toggle knob is adapted to rotate the shaft about its longitudinal axis. A pair of opposed jaws, each having a hollow structure, open and close relative to one another. A needle carrier and a needle holder are respectively slideably disposed in a lumen of a first and a second jaw. A needle has first and second pointed ends and is adapted to be press fit into the lumen of the first jaw with the first pointed end exposed and alternatively into the lumen of the second jaw with the second pointed end exposed. A spring-loaded pusher advances and retracts the needle carrier when the toggle knob is in a first position and advances and retracts the needle holder when in a second position. The tool assists a surgeon in suturing tissue captured between the jaws.

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University of South Florida

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