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September 2012

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A method predicting of cancer chemoresponse of the population of cancer cells to the one or more chemotherapeutic agents. Our ability to treat patients with advanced stage and recurrent endometrial cancer is hampered by an incomplete understanding of the molecular basis of disease development and response to therapy. A novel class of gene products called microRNA (miRNA) has recently been implicated in the etiology of several different human cancers. Altered levels of expression of specific miRNAs may contribute to cancer development in a variety of cancers such as endometrial cancer and may also influence response to cytotoxic chemotherapy or other cancer treatments. Evidence is provided that differential expression of miRNAs contributes to endometrial carcinogenesis and further associates with sensitivity of endometrial cancer cells to various chemotherapeutic agents including cisplatin and doxorubicin chemotherapy. MiRNA profiles and their gene targets show promise as biomarkers of endometrial cancer chemo-response, and as a novel class of therapeutic targets for patients with endometrial cancer.

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University of South Florida

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