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January 2024

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C12M 23/16 , C12M 23/12 , C12M 25/14 , C12M 41/26 , C12M 41/36 , C12N 5/0693 , C12N 2503/02 , C12N 2513/00 , B01L 2300/0627 , B01L 2300/0819 , B01L 2300/0829 , G01N 33/5011


A 4D-perfused tumoroid-on-a-chip platform used in personalized cancer treatment. The platform includes a plate with a plurality of bottomless wells that resides atop a microfluidic channel layer, which in turn resides atop a surface acoustic wave (SAW) based sensor layer that is capable of measuring potential pH values of fluids disposed within the platform. The microfluidic channel layer includes a plurality of bioreactors, with each bioreactor including an inlet well, a culture well, and an outlet well. The inlet well, culture well, and outlet well form a closed system via fluid conduits spanning from the inlet well to the culture well, as well as from the culture well to the outlet well. Due to the fluid flow from the plate to the chip, and from the inlet well to the outlet well on the chip through the culture well, target cell (tumoroid) growth is promoted within the culture well.

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University of South Florida

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