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December 2023

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A method and system for performing bone fusion and/or securing one or more bones, such as adjacent vertebra, are disclosed. The screws include a threaded tip connected to a main shaft and a threaded outer sleeve that rotates relative to the outer shaft until locked down. Independent rotation of the threaded outer sleeve relative to the threaded distal tip allows compression or distraction to modify the gap between the vertebral bodies. The screws are passed from the inferior to superior vertebra or superior to inferior, for example, through a trans-pedicular route to avoid neurological compromise. At the same time, the path of screw insertion is oriented to reach superior or inferior vertebra. An intervertebral cage of the system is configured for lateral expansion from a nearly straight configuration to form a large footprint in the disc space. The screws and cage may be combined for improved fixation with minimal invasiveness.

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H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, Inc.

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